Sacramento, California

If you want to head to a place that’s slow paced, full of trees, and where people think a 20 minute drive is way too far for people to hangout, Sacramento, California is the place to be. Southwest was having their $49 flight deals so I couldn’t resist purchasing my first flight of 2015. My flight was right after work so I hurried along to Ontario airport. The last time I used Ontario was for flying to Vegas with my parents and I was about fifteen at the time. This time around I had the pleasure of flying with a friend, which I don’t do very often.

We arrived at Sacramento International Airport on time, great job Southwest! The first thing I craved for was coffee and cake so we headed to Rick’s Dessert Diner on J Street. This cute little corner diner had the fattest cakes you’ll ever see! I couldn’t believe my eyes, it was dessert heaven!

IMG_20150207_090958The morning after we took a little tour of Sacramento’s finest California State University. They had a replica of the Golden Gate Bridge on their campus. I’ve missed San Francisco enormously so this cured my longing to visit the Bay area. A marathon was going on while we were taking photos of each other and I accidentally stopped abruptly in front of one of them. Sorry, I’m a tourist! 

redbackpack_2Anytime I visit a place I search high and low for the most amazing brunch places a city has to offer. I see if they have appetizing egg dishes so I can add them to my #getyoureggshere collection. Sacramento had their Rivers Edge Cafe for us to try. Order their Hangover! It’s filled with bacon, sour cream, and cheddar. I’m guessing it was created to cure your long night of craziness. For me it was created to fulfill my hunger.
Rain was pouring in Northern California and it was beautiful. It had been so dry in Los Angeles so the rainy weather was a nice little break from sunshine and 80 degree weather. I mean it’s winter for crying out loud. But I shouldn’t complain I live in the best Coast, best State, and the most amazing city I could ever live in.
Oh and if you ever find yourself in Natomas get your butt over to Starbread Bakery and try one of these babies! You won’t be disappointed! Their Senorita bread is savory sweet goodness! Ya can’t just eat one, trust me.
We ended the trip with with the fellowship of young people whose lives are being changed by the grace of God.
Not bad Sacramento, not bad. I’ll be back someday. Thanks for the quick little getaway.


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