Trippin’ On the Road!

This weekend consisted of a mini road trip, a checked bucket list item, and a Chinese family style dinner.

3.15.15 from Cleofaye Uy on Vimeo.

Faye and I drove out to San Diego around 11:00 AM from the Inland Empire. My suggestion for driving to San Diego is either taking the 15 South or driving before 9 AM on the 5 South to avoid traffic. From 7th grade and on I remember my family and I would drive out to San Diego around 8 AM to reach La Jolla Shores before it got too crowded and to avoid the traffic jam on the notorious Interstate 5 freeway. The I-5 is a nice scenic route where you can find views of Irvine Spectrum Mall, Oceanside’s ginormous condominiums, Carlsbad’s beautiful flower fields, surfers in Solano to San Onofre, and our state’s finest Army base, Camp Pendleton.  The I-5 is pleasant to drive along but if you’re driving more than 4 hours through traffic, you might as well have gone to Las Vegas.


My bucket list item of riding the Amtrak train somewhere in America finally came true. It’s been six years since my friend Leroi told me about his cross country trek using the Amtrak. I couldn’t believe how easy it was to use because in my head it seemed to be a more complicated process. I took a train from Old Town San Diego station (OLT) to Fullerton (FUL), which cost me $29 online but you can also purchase your train ticket at the little blue self serve ticket booths. It was a two hour and six minute train ride. They run pretty quick I feel like it was swift four minutes to load and board the train. The train left exactly at the scheduled 6:12 AM departure, which is good for those who like to be on time. I was able to catch the sunrise as well on this little trip and my it was more breath-taking than I could have ever imagined. I’m in awe of God with every sunset and sunrise I am blessed to experience. If I had known that these train rides were as simple as this I would’ve done more train rides along our California Coast. I guess when I come back to California it’ll be on my list of things to do.



My church family is one of the greatest gifts, apart from our salvation, to my immediate family because they are the ones who helped us when we first moved to California. I’m treasuring and savoring these last moments with them before I depart on my mission to Thailand. Our church message was how to love those who are easy to love and those who are harder to love. I’d rather do the former but I’m commanded to do both so I will try to do my best. After church we spent some time hanging out getting coffee at our usual Starbucks spot and I recently found this shaved ice place just a block away. Ly’s Donuts has a wide selection of donuts, shakes, chamango, coffee, and of course shaved ice, which the owner claimed it to be the “closest thing to Hawaii.” I’ve never been to Hawaii so I’m convinced that I’ve tasted Hawaii’s shaved ice without having to fly.


We also decided to head out to the driving range and hit some golf balls. I don’t really know golf terms and I really don’t know how to hit a golf ball but I’m learning. It’s been a three year process and my muscle memory isn’t as up to par to when I was in high school sports. A few of us became really hungry, actually we’re just hungry all the time, so Chinese food was the cure to our hunger. Mandarin  Bay is a pretty good choice for family style Chinese food dinners. The prices aren’t too bad and my favorite hot and sour soup did not disappoint! I recommend if anyone is craving for an authentic Chinese meal.


Weekend fun has me exhausted but I can’t complain. Being with all these beautiful people brings joy to my heart. Also I’m obsessed with the sky I can’t stop taking photos.



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