LA, Palm Springs & Newport Beach

On Labor Day weekend I went to Los Angeles, Palm Springs and Newport Beach. I had jam packed weekend. I miss doing weekends like these but as I get older I appreciate the comfort of my own home and just appreciating the little things like Netflix and sleep. My family and I visited the Getty Museum and there was a new exhibition that featured drawings in Chinese caves. I saw the oldest recorded writing in a book. I was able to explore new areas of the Getty that I missed couple months prior to this visit. I love art and leaving inspired to express my own ideas whether that is physically on a canvas or just in living life. I think I will make that goal month to month now to visit museums to get inspiration.

On Sunday I technically visited Cathedral City for a day trip with some old college friends. It was nice to do a little road trip and have quality time with some friends who are leaving southern California. We rented a cute Airbnb and enjoyed what was left of this three day weekend.

On the way home we stopped by the dinosaurs at Cabazon. I finally visited these famous dinosaurs of the desert and got my Instagram worthy photograph. You can actually go inside the brontosaurus but it’s not what you would expect. You’ll have to figure it out what’s inside when you actually pay a visit!

Last stop was Newport Beach. Who wouldn’t want to spend a 3 day weekend at the beach? I love Southern California and the opportunities of what you can visit within hours of each other. Whether it’s a little ethnic enclave of food or outlets to splurge your hard-earned cash on, there are ample amounts of choices in this beautiful state I call home. Home is what you make of it. Cherish the present and appreciate what you have instead of complaining of what you don’t have.


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