I always leave my heart in San Francisco

I love San Francisco with all my heart. I have so many memories here that I hold so dearly from when I first moved to America until now. I have met so many amazing people in SF. I have eaten the most amazing sandwiches (I hate sandwiches) and eggs ( I love eggs). I discover something new every time I take someone here or visit an old friend. Plus my brother got engaged here.

I just love the cultural diversity and the feeling of the crowded city. This is where I fall in love with California the most. I guess it’s because when I was in fourth grade we started studying California’s history and I was mesmerized with the journey people took through mountains and winters just to be part of the gold rush. That resonated with me at a young age because my family went through an adventure to get to California.

I strike gold whenever I am here whether it’s through a bite of pie or just staring at the view overlooking the city. This is my happy place. Cheesy, I know.

Here are some spots we hit up for the few hours we visited SF:

Tartine Bakery for pastries!14407989_10157409206895632_1708692796_o

SF Bridge Lookout for floating on cloud photos.

Chinatown for souvenirs! Don’t forget to ask for a discount!



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