2016, you beautiful thing you


It was a wild year from having no job to having a job that led me everywhere. I have seen the world and the world has shown me plenty of lessons. I am an amateur in my travels compared to the people in my industry but I am grateful for the opportunity to be living such a life like this. Every moment I am in the dark starry sky looking out that small window while being held in a 560,000 pound plane and going 561 miles per hour, I just think to myself who am I that a God would care about me, humans, dogs and even sparrows. The more I see the world the more I want less of it. God is the only one that has ever fulfilled my desire of joy and peace. The world can offer happiness but it is finite. He has given us these things on Earth to enjoy but imagine how much more He can offer once we find our purpose with Him. Our lives are just a vapor so live it wise and live it well.

2016 from Cleofaye Uy on Vimeo.


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