Mammoth Mountain

Early in March my college friends and I went to Mammoth for a snowboarding and skiing trip. Being on top of Mammoth was so surreal. Every way you turned was so picturesque and felt like huge 360 degree photoshopped billboard. It is so hard to describe because you just have to experience it yourself. I have officially gone snowboarding on five mountains, which is not much but it’s a lot of mountains in my book. I think I will put it on my bucket list to hit up a ski resort in each continent. So far I’ve only checked off North America. You have to start off somewhere right?

We rented this beautiful cabin with huge glass windows that exhibit absolutely gorgeous views of the surrounding pine trees and snow covered mountains. I envy those who have the opportunity to wake up to this view  daily.

Snowboarding on Mammoth will probably require a 4 day trip however I only boarded for 2 days and we nearly covered just one-third of the resort. I have progressed a lot from when I first started snowboarding at the age of 17. I remember my first snowboarding experience in Utah and how I struggled so much just learning to brake. I think it took me 3 years to carve and here I am now carving down black diamonds and going off boxes. Seventeen year old me would be so proud! All those blue bruises, mild concussions and wind getting knocked out of me have all been worth the struggle.

I won’t forget this weekend of a reunion with old friends, meeting new ones, dancing to La Vaca (mu!), Stay Together for the Kids on repeat, spirit animals, getting lost on the mountain, sore muscles, how Mammoth doesn’t give receipts, Taboo with the Spaniard, ridiculous Uno rules (Add!Add!Add!), a gas leak in the fire place, almost being snowed in and a well deserved iced cold beer.

Even though Mammoth is an amazing place to travel to, it’s not where you travel to it’s who you travel with.

“There are good ships and wood ships, ships that sail the sea, but the best ships are friendships, may they always be.” -K.C.

Mammoth 2017 from Cleofaye Uy on Vimeo.



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