London Bridge is Falling Down

Falling down, falling down. London Bridge is falling down, my fair lady! It was my second time in London England so the second time around in any country is always sweeter. I always remember the first time feelings of being completely lost and dumbfounded of how other cultures┬ádo certain things. I came into London with […]

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Trippin’ On the Road!

This weekend consisted of a mini road trip, a checked bucket list item, and a Chinese family style dinner. 3.15.15 from Cleofaye Uy on Vimeo. Faye and I drove out to San Diego around 11:00 AM from the Inland Empire. My suggestion for driving to San Diego is either taking the 15 South or driving […]

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Beach, Bonzai Bowls, and Baseball

My goodness was it hot this weekend! California winters are the best thing since sliced bread. We, Californians, are too spoiled for our own good. I’m sorry residents of everywhere else but you’re more than welcome to join us! Huntington Beach is known as Surf City. It hosts the US Open of Surfing, volleyball competitions, […]

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Sacramento, California

If you want to head to a place that’s slow paced, full of trees, and where people think a 20 minute drive is way too far for people to hangout, Sacramento, California is the place to be. Southwest was having their $49 flight deals so I couldn’t resist purchasing my first flight of 2015. My […]

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